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Those popular Pictures
Here he is! Just one of Tombstones many statues that hide in just about
every corner! I can see how it is easy for a simple mistake. When you get
home and look over the many pictures you have collected and see a dead
guy hanging around in the corner. It's easy to hope and wonder about
your amazing discovery. But, what if it isn't a ghost at all? Only a prop, or
even lighting?
Just a reminder, There are no experts in this field, no matter what any person might say,
take extreme caution while exploring the thoughts of "ghosts" or the afterlife. Trust your
feelings and be careful!!!
Some pictures that we get, and get, and get again, are not really ghost pics, but more of a simple
mistake! Remember it's not that hard when it happens, don't feel bad. Just always double check
what you might have, such as the pictures below, they are NOT of a ghost, only a statue in town.
It's hard to go back after a trip and such,  but, just try to watch your pics for real answers, and
always double check!
I'm not trying to smash any hearts on this but, I do get
this picture often, and it really is NOT a ghost, I have
got some great pictures as well, so it's not a bad thing
to wonder and check. It's just a bad thing to assume
and go off on your first though of, "I HAVE THE
BEST GHOST PICTURE!"  you might, and then
again, you might not. There are plenty of trust worthy
groups to help you out and will do a check on the pic,
just remember to pick a sound and stable group to
help you out!
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