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Thoughts on the side...

As I have said though, it has worked for us and was well worth it, our first time there was kinda boring, and as we went
back, more and more happened! Doors moved (or refused to.)  Items moved. And while we did EVPs I could hear a voice
answer all the questions, loud and clear!  It's nice to know that we had an option to return to such an amazing place. So just
because your first time around is a bust, what if you went back? Is it really haunted? Was some thing there, keeping a low
profile.  Remember, you know what you're doing fully but, do they?

Just a reminder, There are no experts in this field, no matter what any person might say,
take extreme caution while exploring the thoughts of "ghosts" or the afterlife. Trust your
feelings and be careful!!!
Wonder, I have seen places that have had the same, you get very little,
sometimes a second try really is worth the work. Some times the departed just
need to warm up to you as they did to the family that the have been with for so
long. It's some thing you really need to consider as a paranormal investigator.
Are you willing to put up the time, money and a sleepless night for a chance to
catch more?  What if there really isn't any thing to offer in the house? It's really
just food for thought.