Brunckows Cabin, the bloodiest spot in Arizona, that title alone is enough to give almost anyone goose-bumps. Calm,
warm and peaceful as any a place could be in the daytime the simple adobe ruins of the cabin sit on a hill surrounded by
nothing, and are just off the main road that connects Sierra Vista and Tombstone. As I said, sounds peaceful right? Well
let's just change the scene a little bit...let's take the brightness and warmth of the afternoon sun and replace it with the
darkness and loneliness of the night. Suddenly the title of "Bloodiest spot in Arizona" dominates the thoughts of the human
mind and a little bit of the terror of what happened here races into the heart. Brunckows cabin is the site of reportedly 22
murders that occurred from the mid to late 1880's and a site the locals don't even wish to set foot on.
Just to give you an idea, I personally know a few locals who would love to camp the night in Boothill cemetery, but don't wish to step anywhere near the site of
Brunckow's cabin or it's nearby mine shaft, daytime or night, in fact just mentioning the cabin to them gives them the chills and creeps them out to the point of where
they can't talk about it. So with all that in mind plus the many "scared to death" stories from both locals and tourists who did brave the cabin, TPI was drooling at the
mouth and four of us headed to the cabin for an informal investigation. We turned off the main road and made our way along the dirt roads that led to the ruins of the
old mine shaft, which is as far as you can reach by car, so we unloaded, grabbed our gear and started taking readings and pictures at the shaft (which by the way is
not reported to be haunted but we wanted to leave no stone unturned). After spending some time at the mine shaft we decided it was time to do what we came for,
investigate Arizona's biggest haunted gem...Brunckow's Cabin. Only one problem came to mind...which way to go, we had a few hiking paths to choose from, and
since none of us had been there at night before we just choose the path that best went in the general direction of the cabin and headed off guided by the moonlight.
After walking along the descending path for a few hundred yards it opened up into a wash, as we walked into the wash I glanced up and to my right and I saw a
small hill at the edge of the other side of the wash. I also thought I saw some ruins but it was too dark to make anything out, even with our flashlights, but I got a gut
feeling about the hill the second I saw it so we found a path that headed up and around to that hill and decided to take it. Not far up the ascending path I all of a
sudden got a rush of psychic energy that felt like a giant flash flood overtaking my body, it was at that point that I looked at Josh and said "this is it, we're defiantly
here", there was no doubt. When we got to the top of the hill the ruins were sitting right in front of us, Josh explained that he felt a rush of energy, so I told him what I
experienced and we explained in detail to each other what we felt, only to find out that we felt the exact same thing at the exact same place.
We then waited for the two newest members of the group Bobbie and Missy ( who were about 50 feet behind us)
to catch up, as they approached Josh and I,  Bobbie suddenly asked "did anyone just feel that?", after asking her
what she felt we found that from their descriptions both Bobbie and Missy experienced the same feeling that Josh
and I had, so we now knew this was no coincidence and that there was defiantly something there with us. We
immediately starting taking readings with our EMF detectors and pictures with our cameras. Since we didn't get as
strong a feeling close to the cabin, after we were finished we decided to concentrate on the spot we all got the
strange and heavy feeling.
getting a few spikes here and there but nothing overwhelming. Fearing we scared the spirits off, we decided we would leave a
micro recorder right outside the ruins of the cabin, but I had the urge to try EMF detector, getting a few spikes here and there
but nothing overwhelming. Fearing we scared the spirits always follow your instincts) I started the recorder and started asking
questions. After my EVP session on off, we decided we would leave a micro recorder right outside the ruins of the cabin, but I
had the urge to try the path we walked back to the ruins turned on the recorder and left it for about 45 minutes, hoping by
leaving for some EVP's ( electronic voice phenomena) right where we were, so following one of our basic rules ( the area of the
cabin the spirits would return to it. We walked back to the cars and waited a bit, then Josh and I headed back to the cabin to
pick up the recorder, along the way I was taking pictures over my shoulder and to my sides. Josh and I got back to the cars
with the recorder and we drove off, ending our trip. Then came the real fun, examining the recordings we got, after filing through
the pictures we took as I always do I suggested we start with the EVP's and while listening to my EVP session we struck pay
dirt. We are still analyzing the recordings from when we left the recorder alone. Needless to say we can't wait for the weather to
get warmer so we can do a full investigation, and check out our posts of the EVP's from my session, and as always feel free to
drop TPI a line and give us your input.
-By Dave
Click here to listen to the EVP
Dave asked if there was any way
we can help you in crossing over
to the other side. The session
lasted about 23 minutes and this
was the only thing that seemed it
might be worth while, as every
thing else we blamed on the wind.
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