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Ghost Hunting 101 EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
E.V.Ps  (electronic voice phenomena) is the process of recording beyond what the human ear can hear, such as the noise of a "Dog whistle"  Click
here for more on EVPs at wikipidia!
* Talk clear, and never whisper, you don't want to mistake yourself for another voice!
* Use an external mic, because internal recorder noises, may cause creaking and such. Digital and tape recorders  will give you the same results
during taping by the way.
* Relax and think of the questions, give a good amount of time for answers, a good rule of thumb, is to count to ten, (in your mind) so you don't talk
over and hits!
* Be polite and ask the spirit if it's OK to talk. Thank the ghost afterwards, (Would you be open with a jerk?).
* It is good to stick to Yes, or no questions. Normally you are going to get short and simple answers, it helps to understand what they are trying to
tell you!
* Don't talk as if there are dead, it doesn't seem to work as well, Don't say, "Did you die?" "How did you die" stick to, "Are you" "Do you"
remember death is touchy.
* Hold the mic far from your mouth, when you listen back over them, you don't want to lose an ear drum!
* White noise helps them form words and such, (you know that noise that the t.v. or radio makes when you put it on static? Just make sure it's
BACK GROUND noise don't crank it up to loud.
* Make sure that there isn't anything else around that could be mistaken as an EVP, such as the radio, people around talking, T.V. ect, ect, ect...
* Make sure you have somebody with you to validate your findings!
*Remember what you might need for research, Names and  dates are important!
Just a reminder, There are no experts in this field, no matter what any person might say,
take extreme caution while exploring the thoughts of "ghosts" or the afterlife. Trust your
feelings and be careful!!!