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Ghost Hunting 101 Pictures
Pictures are a very important aspect of ghost hunting, and what you might get can be almost anything! So that being said, here
are some tips on getting that perfect photo!
* Take as many pics as you can. Do it while you can.  You might not be back for more.
* Bring lots of batteries, You really cannot have enough, when a spirit tries to do something (move things, appear, talk) It draws
energy from all the places it can, your batteries are a nice source.
* Remove any obstructions including camera straps, lens cap cords or something that might pop up in a picture! Don't make a
* Be polite and ask the spirit if it's OK for a picture, This might sound funny, But it works.
* If you take a picture in a spot, take another. Double shooting takes a bit longer, but answers a lot of questions while you review
it all later!
*If you continue to talk to your ghost while snapping pictures, it might draw something to you as well!
* Don't get to caught up, running around if you start to get some good pictures, you don't want to trip or get hurt because you
didn't watch your step. (Safety is always #1)
* Don't trust orbs, they are very tricky, and misleading, they could just be Rain, snow, dust, lens flare, ect, ect...
* Be your own WORST critic, after you pick apart whats possible, look at whats left!
*If your using a 35mm camera, remember to develop the film "as is"
* Digital cameras are great when you see what you get right away, but you will need that hi-res one off the top shelf.  WITH A
GOOD FLASH,  the name brands seem to cover that nicely.
Just a reminder, There are no experts in this field, no matter what any person might say,
take extreme caution while exploring the thoughts of "ghosts" or the afterlife. Trust your
feelings and be careful!!!
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