Tombstone's Ghost Myth's
We have found plenty of myths and legends about the ghosts of Tombstone. I figured that it would be best to sort out these facts about Tombstone to clear things
up. These are the false stories discovered through our research and scientific discoveries. I hope this will clear some of the air about Tombstone's stories. If you have
a question or addition, please feel free to
Do people see "Justice Jim" Burnett in front of the hitching post by the Historama?
NO, Burnett did not die there. He died in front of the O.K. Corral after being shot inside by Mr. Greene. He stumbled out, and collapsed near the
public park. Most sightings are centralized in that area.
Is the Bella Union closed because of it's paranormal activity?
NO, the current owner has it closed for other reasons. Some say it is an active building. However no investigation by any specific group or  team has
determined activity to even exist in the building.
Is it true that ghost "cowboys" have been seen riding horses on Allen Street?
NO, I have found this as a"new" claim. I have never heard of such a thing. Being the only group in Tombstone,  we would have heard of this claim. I
believe this to be a claim of a very overexcited ghost tour in town, however we do not know which one.
in Tombstone.  "Lady in White" stories are always a red flag. Just how many "Lady in White" stories do there need to be in this world?
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