This house has kept us on our toes from day 1! We have been doing a lot of work there and walking away with new EVPs, photos or something, Below you will
find a list of things we have collected. Mostly you will, find all the EVPs that came out of the house as they really amount to a lot, I like to keep our viewers
informed the best I can, so look on and see what we gained from this amazing house located on a part of the Boothill Graveyard!
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full report!
Dave's House Of Tombstone
Investigation :Our main investigation actually came up with very little,  We did however come out with a nice EVP, Dave was very eager for
more. Along with us, "Private" helped the work, as the voice responded to him VERY well.
Investigation, second time around :Our main goal became EVP work, because of the amount we collected in such a short time, now
that other things started happening, moving and talking!
The EVPs go on and on and on... : As the EVPs poured in I really was amazed at the activity and response we got, here we have the
ongoing list of our EVP work!
Research: We looked up, all the information we could on Johnnie and the events that he told us, this is what we found... So far...
Pictures : We had our friend  Toby, Director of K.B.L.P.R. Illinois, come down to take pictures as we worked on some EVPs, and we have
some of our own to share, we have noticed a lot of white lights in the pictures, A BIG THANKS FOR TOBY for sending us his!
for a while until it left. Good thing we did!
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