After learning so much, here is what we found while researching the name Johnnie Wilson.
*Johnnie Wilson  1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by King)
*Johnnie Wilson -Shot by King . Two gunmen's discussion of the fastest way to draw, ended
* Thomas Johnnie Wilson, moved here from San Francisco, he was only here for a few short
week working as a tin roofer, before Roger king shot him down in cold blood!

Three  main points that he was in Boot Hill,  Johnnie went on to tell us this,

Johnnie Wilson moved here from San Francisco, with his wife Rosa, that seems he loved very
much. They had some kind of fight, he hit her with something, she fell, and died. He was afraid of
what he did, and didn't tell the marshal what happened,  (He took her body south, perhaps to
Mexico). He did something, but that is still unknown! He felt pretty bad. Johnnie also knew a man
named King that he REALLY didn't like at all, that looked to be a part of a movement to remove
the Chinese out of Tombstone.  It looks like King killed Johnnie in 1880, (thats the year he said it

So, how's that for a little unknown history?

We don't think,  The two had a chat about the fast draw, The "fast draw" was created by the
early western movies for show and action of the west. It was never a real macho thing that they
did in those times.

Dave's House Research of Johnnie Wilson
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