We started off with audio, video, and pictures after doing our temp and EMF sweeps. We didn't come up
with much, in fact. We took over 300 pictures full investigation of video. The sweeps contained of teams of 2
at a time. Nothing through out the night proved a haunting of the place. The owner did ask us though, to see
what we could collect. A lot of people noticed all sorts of things, and had a story to tell about what they have
seen or had happened, we were very willing to help out to discover the facts of the café.
This is the picture that caught our eye, it looks like
a figure standing in the back by the heater where
paranormal activity was reported to happen at a
high rate. We investigated this closer to find that
the heater was creating this image, and there is a
metal sheet backing, that the flash reflected off.
So we walked away with nothing. But, even if we
don't collect the proper evidence to prove a
haunting, that does not discredit sightings and
such. Most of the reports, we cannot disprove as
paranormal, we just didn't collect proper proof to
a haunting.
Notice the figure in the heater, it is, in fact, the heater itself.
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