We had a chance to investigate Shooters BBQ before they closed for good. After the investigation, we came up with two interesting things. First look at the two pictures
above! I took the pictures myself, one after another. The first has a strange looking gray fabric in the lower corner and the second picture has nothing. For one we don't
allow camera straps and two, I was not wearing gloves. That rules a lot out! We went over the photos and had no way of explaining it. No member was wearing any gray at
David did two EVP sessions, one in the back kitchen and one in the front. In the front we recorded a strange EVP! When He asked
the spirit if Hank and Judy should do something different with this building we heard "Yes"
Back when Tombstone was booming, this building was a morgue that handled a lot of business. When we talked to the owners, they claimed that they saw many ghostly
figures, including a female walking through the place, when they asked her how she got in, she vanished. Also doors opening without people around, and other things that
caught their eye.
A Bit of History
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