This was from a "test hunt"  that we did to check out equipment from a while ago
in the Tombstone Cemetery. As you can see we did get some interesting photos!
We also did EMF readings and Geiger counter readings, along with many photos.
We did not use EVPs as to test those out at a later time. As you can see, (thats a
tree in the background) that the color showed up on the tree. We did a check for
flashlights and went back to try and recreate this picture with no luck.
We checked the pictures before and after and saw no camera
problems of a light reproduction from the Film this second
photo, (I know it's hard to see) is from that same night at a
different time. This time it has appeared in the leaves of the
tree. These  photos were only from a test run and training for
new members to use and understand the equipment. Still it's
very interesting!
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