Investing Room 121 at the Tombstone Motel was a bit mundane at best.
We had reports of a young girl seen in the room and others that have stayed
there had the heater turned up on them, the water in the rest room turn on, and
One such guest asked us to go with her and stay in the room, to see if we could
catch her experience.
We went in with an open mind, however we caught  nothing paranormal  for
evidence of any haunting.
We did learn that noise carries very well in the room. We could hear other
people next door talking as well as cars on the main road out front.  After
reviewing hours of evidence, we were left with this one picture. We do not
claim it as a ghost photo nor anything paranormal. It does not add up though,
because there was nothing around us to create the shadow. It is also the only
thing we caught.

We don't claim to a haunting or not, it's just not proved to us yet, many
people have had things happen there, so it is still unknown.
The only strange picture we took was around 2:30 AM
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